CoeCoe Channel, c’est moi.


Copy that fits you.

Making your thoughts and ideas iconic. Crafting your story into copy that converts or content that provokes (or inspires), I tailor your thoughts to blog posts, articles, speeches, email campaigns, artist statements, press releases, ads, tweets, web pages or books.

All you have to do is talk.

Why use a courturier for copy?

In a word, elegance.

Flawless copy that arrives print ready. All in a voice that sounds like you after one coup de champagne.

Hate to write?

Let’s talk.

What Madame Chanel did for clothes I do for your story.

To review:

  1. 1.Chanel cut cloth for comfort and to fit the individual, a new and shocking revolution in an era when corsets still reigned.

  2. 2.She made everything old chic again with a fresh point of view and a confident sense of the apropos, fisherman’s jersey included.

  3. 3.The best color in the world, she said, is the one that looks good on you.

Coe Coe Channel not only crafts but tells your story through multichannel marketing, from press relations, social media, ad placement, web editing and blogging, to create fame around your brand.  Conveniently located two hours from New York and Boston, and a heartbeat from Hollywood, CoeCoe Channel looks forward to meeting you.