The Bourne Ultimatum Teasers:

#4  “Deconstructing I.D.”

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ECU: details of Bourne breaking down foreign I.D.s (cutaways to rats, peeling wallpaper, dripping pipes.)

1. Bunsen burner warming the laminated surface of a            Russian driver’s license. 

2. Tweezers, peeling off the plastic facing. 

3. Can of solvent and cotton.  Solvent working off   the delicate Russian National paper face. 

4. X-acto blade lifts off fragile hologram, then photo of unknown person. 

5. Mini-scanner light rolls across stripped I.D. 

6. Laptop screen rebuilding information. 

7. Mini printer outputs new image. 

8. Adhesive applied; hologram repositioned. 

9. New photo positioned (out of focus or off-screen – you can’t see who it is). 

10. Card pressed through laminator. 

11. X-acto, rusty metal ruler, used to cut edges straight. 

  1. 12.I.D. held up to camera – Matt Damon’s picture on Russian I.D.

Rack focus to a very different Jason Bournereflected in the I.D.: Bearded, sallow-skinned, a mess.