The X-Files Movie Teasers:

#1 “Nightmare”



Someone is breaking into an office: two young kids.  They swarm around, knocking things over, but can't find what they're looking for.  Finally one draws out a concealed laptop.  He begins trying to break into it; the other offers advice.  They finally cut through its defenses.  "X-Files: The Movie, An Original Screenplay by Chris Carter.”  They hook up a battery-operated modem.  One gets online on his pocket computer; they hook it into a cell phone.  They down-load the script onto the Internet. 

Show houses in Oklahoma, Louisiana, New York loft, with kids chortling in joy as they press "enter" on their keyboards.  Printers shoot out pages of the script, until the last page "THE END" is being read by a kid in Germany on an overcast street corner.  He laughs and claps.

Int. Night: CHRIS CARTER rising in fright in his Brentwood bedroom - only a nightmare.  His lap-top is safely under his mattress.

Super: "The truth is out there" separates, and the words "will soon be" are added, so the tag line reads, "The truth will soon be out there."